Your physiotherapy appointment will take place in the privacy of our comfortable treatment room with one of our experienced physiotherapists.

When attending your first Physiotherapy or Pilates Assessment, please try to arrive 5 minutes early so that you can complete a registration form.

What shall I bring?

If you are with an Insurance company please ensure that you bring your membership number and authorisation number with you.

A list of your current medication is also helpful.

What shall I wear?

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothes to your appointments.  In order for us to complete a thorough assessment and treatment we will need to observe the necessary body parts and maintaining your dignity is important to us.  It is useful to wear shorts for a lower back or leg problem and for ladies a sports bra or vest top for a neck/upper back or shoulder problem.

Initial consultation:
We recognise that each client and each condition is individual. Therefore we take time and care to carry out a full and thorough assessment.   We also make sure we establish what is important to you, and what you are hoping to achieve by seeking physiotherapy.

Your first appointment will last between 45 minutes to an hour.

We take a detailed history of the problem, including how and when it started, what symptoms you have, how it is affecting your function, as well as general health questions and any medication that you take.

We then do a physical assessment, focussing on the problem area, as well as other structures or areas of the body which may be involved.  This will be by observing how you move, testing joints and muscles and then feeling the area for signs of inflammation, joint stiffness or muscle spasm.  
Following assessment we aim to provide a clinical diagnosis of the condition and help you to understand the cause of the problem and why you are experiencing pain.   We will then discuss how we can help and come up with an individual treatment plan.   There is usually time to start treatment at the first appointment if appropriate.

You can also expect to be given a home exercise programme and lifestyle and posture advice which will help to optimise your recovery and prevent further problems. 

Subsequent follow up appointments are usually 30 minutes, where we will assess your progress and continue treatment.  

If we do not feel that physiotherapy is likely to help your particular problem we will advise you on the appropriate next step, which may be visiting your General Practitioner or a Consultant for further investigation.